Our Story

The Texas Hill Country is a region of Texas known for its unique hilly topography, crystal clear rivers and beautiful wildflowers. It was here, in 2015, where we built our home / studio that is powered 100% by solar energy and sustained by rainwater harvesting for all of our water needs. This is where we handcraft each Leoma Candle - off the grid.

Our beautifully scented candles of natural wax blends are inspired by our natural environment and designed to amplify everyday life and to bring people together to laugh, celebrate and connect. They will always be produced without compromise to our sustainability standards and free of the bad stuff that you do not want to burn inside your home.

We hope we are lucky enough to have you as a customer. If, however, you don’t see anything that catches your eye, we still want to encourage you to thoughtfully choose intentional products produced by real people using sustainable methods.

Best wishes - Joe & Karin