Breakfast in bed tray with coconut soy scented candle

Treat Your Loved One To Breakfast In Bed

Sometimes, the simplest pleasures are the best, like sleeping late and waking up to breakfast in your own warm, cozy bed. Breakfast in bed is also a way to create hygge in your morning. So why not show your loved one how special they are and treat them to a special breakfast in bed?

First, you’ll need to come up with your recipes. I chose blueberry pancakes and bacon, along with scrambled eggs because that’s a favorite and easy for me to prepare. Some other easy ideas might be fresh fruit, toast and jam, quiche, honey and biscuits, the list goes on. There are a million recipes on Pinterest to choose from. In the past, I’ve chosen some savory and sweet treats from the local bakery down the street. This bakery has phenomenal, freshly baked goods, worthy of breakfast in bed status! Most breakfast in bed food is freshly prepared, but if you have a terrific bakery like this close by, it’s certainly an option!

If you’re worried about spills, simply put a decorative throw under the tray or over your loved one’s lap before setting the tray down. It not only protects your bed from spills, it also adds a layer of coziness and warmth.

You’ll need a serving tray. If you don’t have a large serving tray, a large, flat serving dish or a cutting board will do.

Line your serving tray with a tea towel or napkin for texture and color.

For a soft glow and romantic ambience, add a candle. We suggest our Leoma Candle Sundown or Autumn Skies. If you’d like an earthy, spicy scent try Bountiful Harvest. Leoma Candles are sustainably made, clean burning, and make a perfect addition to your bedroom décor.

A small vase of flowers adds beauty and says you thought of all the little details. Any small vase will do. We repurposed a brown spice bottle and added fall ornamentals for a more masculine look. Try dried flowers, freshly picked berries or flowers from your yard (a single bud will do), or a collection of fall colored leaves. Succulents you already grow would be a great addition too!

Your morning beverage of choice. This could be coffee, tea, OJ, mimosa, or a number of different drinks. Whatever you choose, if the carafe is small enough, like this French press, you can place it on the tray. If the carafe is too large, place it on the nightstand. Place your favorite cups on the serving tray. And don’t forget to include cream and sugar, or any other condiments such as honey, jam, salsa, butter, etc.

Once you have everything situated on the tray, place your freshly prepared, warm breakfast items on the tray, and add a napkin and silverware. Also, it’s always a nice touch to bring out the special dishes or china-it lets your loved one know that this is a special occasion.

Next, you’ll want to add a little personalized note. Let your loved one know just how much you mean to them by including a special hand-written note.

And last of all, serve your loved one with a smile! Let them know serving them is a pleasure and you love being with them. Making your loved one breakfast in bed will be a memorable experience for both of you.

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