Choosing the Best Fragrance for Every Occasion

It can be intimidating trying to choose the perfect fragrance, whether it’s for yourself or that special someone.

Most people drift to a particular category of scent, such as sweet, earthy, woodsy, musky, floral, citrusy, etc., and knowing what that scent category is can be helpful. But, without knowing what a person’s scent preference is, below are some overall broad categories that might be helpful in choosing the right candle.

Masculine scents:




  • HOLIDAYS (Lemon Peel + Pomegranate + Rosemary)


  • SUNDOWN (plum + jasmine + amber musk) hints of jasmine


Your favorite yoga instructor:

  • LAVENDER FARM (lavender + bergamot + citrus)- soft, relaxing, contains some essential oils.

Your sustainable/green friend:

  • BOUNTIFUL HARVEST (Warm Spices + Black Tea + Vanilla Cream)-very earthy and natural-not too sweet smelling.

Teacher appreciation:

Your BFF:

  • LOVE AND JOY: (Cinnamon + Toasted Cranberry + Red Wine) Because it reminds you of all the times you’ve sat in deep conversation, sipping on your favorite wine.


  • SUNDOWN (plum + jasmine + amber musk)- sultry jasmine with a slight musk, perfect for that special evening.
  • AUTUMN SKIES (Cypress + Saffron + Wood) Has a warmth and richness to it.

Staff Holiday Party:

Best Selling:

Dinner Party with Friends:

Happy, Festive Mood Setting:


  • LAVENDER FARM (lavender + bergamot + citrus) Perfect for creating a relaxing environment
  • SUNDOWN (plum + jasmine + amber musk)

Self-Care Night:

Christmas tree scent:

Your neighbor:

If it’s around a special holiday, such as Mother’s Day or Valentines’, we often pour special fragrances just for that special occasion!

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line! We’d love to help!

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