Best Scented Soy Candles For Spring

At Leoma Candle Studio we have curated a collection of the best spring soy candle scents designed to bring the freshness and rejuvenation of springtime indoors. From floral bouquets to crisp citrus notes, we've handpicked the most popular spring soy candle fragrances that promise to transform your space into a blooming paradise. Our spring soy candle fragrances are sure to please. We absolutely love pouring these spring fragrances in our candle studio. In our - not so humble - opinion they are the best scented soy candles for spring.

Discover a Spring Soy Candle Scent You Will Love

RIVERS Spring Candle Scent

Rivers brings the clean, crispness of ozone and citrus combined with the sweet elements of jasmine and the earthy scent of cedar for a bright, relaxed, grounded sense to your home.

DESERT ROSE Spring Soy Candle Scent

Notes of Rose, Green Leaves & Power. Its beautiful! Need we say more. 

CLEAR SPRINGS Spring Soy Candle Scent

Notes of smooth, intoxicating coconut followed by relaxing, woody sandalwood are softened by the cooling effect of fragrant cedar.

BIG SKIES Spring Soy Candle Scent

Lemon and sweet freshness of bergamot with the soothing and refreshing notes of white tea.

Why Choose Leoma Candle Studio For Your Spring Soy Candle Scents

  • Happiness Guarantee - we will do whatever it takes for you to be satisfied with your spring candle scent purchase
  • Free Shipping on 2+ candles
  • Clean burning & toxin free soy candle wax
  • Long burn time
  • Sustainably produced - our entire operation is 'off-grid', powered by solar energy...its the way we have lived for many years. Doing solar before solar was cool.

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